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270 Central Ave, Bridgeport

Our Process

Scrap metal transshipment at the port terminal.
How it works.

Our Process

Here’s what to do when you get here. Please ask an employee for help if you’re unsure about something- we’re happy to help!

  • Get Here

    Turning your scrap metal into cash is easy, just bring it down to the yard at 270 Central Avenue in Bridgeport.

  • Get Weighed

    1). For steel grades, back your truck onto our large truck scale immediately inside the gate and wait until your hear a buzzer over the intercom. This generates your gross weight. After the buzzer, back toward the appropriate pile and offload your steel. Lastly, drive back onto the scale for a reweighing, which will provide us the tare weight. The difference in weight is your net weight of scrap metal to be paid. Find parking, and come collect your money! 2). For nonferrous scrap metal like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc. we will provide you with either a cart or bin to load for weighing on our scale inside. *Please note: In any case, if you're unsure what you have, just ask! Also, we have tare weights written on all of our bins, but we are happy to re-weigh a container empty for you to validate prior to your material being weighed. If you are recycling both types of scrap metal, please drop off your steel first.

  • Get Paid

    You will receive a ticket from our scale, which will clearly show you weights and pricing. One of our employees will scan it and provide you cash payment, unless you've requested a check.

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